Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes/discussions from our March meeting.
Attendees:   Jane Clevenger, Evi Buckner-Opler, Jason McCarthy, Don Henricks, Pat O’Brien, Dick Mallot, Nancy Garcia, and Jesse Delgado.
The New Location at St. John’s turned out to be a much nicer location than the library in terms of space to meet, tables, comfortable chairs etc.  We did compete at times with noise from other events in the main basement hall, but it was never a major issue.




Reviewing our agenda, have included notes for each item:


1.    Introduction tonite of new attendee Jason McCarthy.   Jason has a business called Trees for Humanity that includes landscape design,  implementation and maintenance.  He is a strong supporter of RNL, and wants to help get pledges from businesses, host our meetings in the warm months.


Jason has an open house we are all invited to on April 7 at his house 336 Scenic Drive in Mariana Buttes.  Check his website at


2.    Open Discussion:

Nancy Garcia covered an event on March 19 at 11:30am that will discuss oil and gas issues in northern Colorado.  It is sponsored by the FC League of Women Voters and is in the Colorado Community Room, 1300 Riverside Ave. in Ft. Collins.

Nancy Garcia has drafted an op ed to the Coloradoan that she is hoping to get published soon.  Will get that out to everyone if it gets published.


Jane and Dick are attending a consulting analysis of the PRPA modeling effort on March 23.  Location TBD


See the newletter from CSU that was sent out March 1.   CSU is a national leader in sustainability.


Jane and Dick will be attending the NCP4CE coalition meeting on March 24 in Longmont.  Big topic will be to attend candidate forums and push for endorsement of renewables


3.    Jane Clevenger reviewed the presentation by Patrick Eitenbichler to the Loveland Utilities Commission last month on the inequity in the rate/cost for a home solar user to connect to the city of Loveland power grid.   Patrick is wanting to give this presentation to more organizations/businesses/churches, etc in Loveland.  Pls contact us if you have an organziation to which he can give the presentation.


4.    We discussed the upcoming caucuses on March 6Tuesday.  Pls attend and vote for your favorite candidate who favors sustainability and renewables.  We will also get out a resolution for your caucus that advocates renewables and sustainability.  If you need to know your precinct and where to caucus, go to this link: or call 970-498-7000 and listen for voter registration to find your location and precinct number.


5.    Reviewed open and closed items.   See attached excel sheet.


6.     Number one goal for 2018:  1000 signatures on the pledge forms


7.    We adjourned and the  next meeting is April 5



Next Meeting:  April 5.  St. John’s Church Basement:  Catherine of Siena Conf Room.  In west door, down the stairs, and turn to right to find the room.


 1730 W 12th St, Loveland, CO 80537